Friday, 21 November 2014

A natural perch can improve your common bird-shot

Hi friends,
It's a trusted rule that you can get more chances to see and shoot birds
in the morning and afternoon.

No debate.
But you never know when or where a bird oblige you...

It was a hot humid noon in the month of July.
We ( me and two of my friends) were desperate to shoot any bird comes first coz It was long since we shot a bird. Suddenly we saw a flock of Munias foraging nearby grassland. Munias are commonly seen bird here and bold too. So we decided not to stalk them to get a good shot. We chose a perch in a tree shade coz it was really too hot. We waited @ our desired perch for few minutes (a good 30 minutes) and we got our shot as they came to rest for while. Thus, me and my company made this image.

Scaly-breasted Munia

"Scaly-breasted Munia"
Jalpaiguri, WB
Canon 40D, Canon 400mm 5.6L
1/400, f 7.1, iso-800, hh


Zitting Cisticola

 The Zitting I shot in a paddy field in the month of December (though I took this image in the morning) and that too resulted coz I waited patiently choosing my perch in the field.

Canon 40D, Canon 400mm 5.6L
1/800, f8, iso-320, Monopod
Happy clicking....

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